Only the finest of materials

Bric's is an outstanding collection of travel bags, luggage and accessories, which are made to a high standard using only the finest of materials unique to the brand. Bric’s was established in Italy in 1952 and remains to this day a family run business based in its original location. Brics products combine excellent quality, beautiful aesthetics and durable practicality. These traits have been developed through generations by creativity and innovation but with a respect for tradition.


Be Young by Bric's - by Ulissee Collection

BY Ulisse Collection has been designed with the durability and smart technical components to help stand the test of time through your most adventurous journeys - may your wanderlust live on for years to come as it did for our hero Ulisse.

Watch Ulisse in action. You will want to pack your bags and leave straight away. Be Young. BE BRIC'S.