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Great Sleep is vital to us all. It's important for our health, development and wellbeing. And we know too many people still don't get the sleep they need.

At TEMPUR®, our purpose has always been to improve the sleep of more people every night, all around the world. That's why, since inventing the world's first viscoelastic mattress and pillow more than 30 years ago, we've gone on to innovate and develop a full range of leading sleeping products. And with our unique healthcare and medical heritage, we truly understand the importance of a good mattress and pillow to deliver better sleep.

Now, with the all new TEMPUR Pro® SmartCool™ range, we've taken our revolutionary sleep technology even further. Taking comfort and support to a whole new level to transform the sleep of people worldwide. So whether you toss and turn, or sleep with pain and discomfort, or sleep too hot, we have just the right solution for you. Because, when you spend one third of your life sleeping, you should settle for nothing but the best.



TEMPUR® created the first memory foam mattress and pillow in 1991. Research shows that one of the most important steps towards getting great sleep is to invest in a high-quality mattress and pillow.

That’s why we are committed to creating the very best products possible. During the 60 hours it takes to create a TEMPUR® mattress, our team performs up to 67 checks. And yet, if any one of our team members feels the mattress still isn’t good enough, they can simply reject it.

Our TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows are produced at our factory in Aarup on the island of Funen. They are tested, produced and packed with great focus on delivering the best possible quality to you.

At the heart of each mattress and pillow we create is out iconic TEMPUR® material, born from NASA technology.

The name TEMPUR® reflects our material's temperature-sensitive nature. It's both viscous and elastic. A unique combination achieved by billions of ulta-sensitive cells that adapt to your body's unique shape, weight and warmth.


Our most adaptive TEMPUR® mattress yet with TEMPUR® Advanced Material for our best ever pressure relief* and outstanding motion absorption, combined with SmartCool™ cover technology. On the outside is a washable, cool-to-the-touch cover that absorbs excess body heat to keep you feeling
cool and fresh.
The TEMPUR Pro® SmartCool™ is available in different heights and feels to match your individual sleep needs. For true,
restful sleep.

*Based on internal tests comparing TEMPUR® Original with TEMPUR® Advanced Material, carried out by Dan-Foam ApS between May 2022 - March 2023.

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QuickRefresh™ Cover

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Soft Feel

A cosy soft mattress feel with body conforming support.


Medium Feel

A medium mattress feel for the perfect balance of comfort and support.



Medium Firm Feel

A medium firm mattress feel with extra ease of movement and conforming support.


Firm Feel

A firmer mattress feel for ultimate body support that gently conforms.